NELMS the New Countryside Stewardship scheme

Natural England have released the draft NELMs targeting statements for each Natural Character Area (NCA) in England. The NCA target statements that fall wholly or partially within Wiltshire or Swindon are available by following the links below. If you wish to provide feedback please complete this form and forward by the 23rd November to Roger Griffin at Natural England at  Roger should be sent feedback for the following NCAs:


Avon Vales NCA 117

Salisbury Plain and West Wiltshire Downs NCA 132

Blackmoor Vale and Vale of Wardour NCA 133

Bristol Avon Valleys and Ridges NCA 118


There are a number of other NCAs which are partially within Wiltshire. These links have been added together with details of who to send  the feedback to. 

Feedback for the following three NCA targeting statements should be sent to using this form


Upper Thames NCA 108

Midvale Ridge NCA 109

Berkshire and Marlborough Downs NCA 116


Feedback for the Dorset & Hants NCa's which overlap Wiltshire should be sent to using this form

Dorset Downs NCA 134

Hampshire Downs NCA 130