Why does the Environment matter to me?

The UK and world population will continue to grow.  This will increase the demands on the natural world and lead to further depletion of resources, ecosystems and the Savernake Forestfurther decline of biodiversity.  This is likely to increase pressures on our already fragile ecosystem services and lead to a much more challenging future for everyone.
The natural environment continues to be undervalued in our economy and decision making.  Some of the most important Ecosystem Services include those that cycle our water, clean our pollutants, produce healthy soils to grow crops and protect us from flooding.  Worryingly 30% of these underlying natural ecosystem services are in decline, with many others in a degrading state.
All of these predictions are forecast in a world that is witnessing accelerating climatic change.  Climate change is expected to lead to more frequent and severe weather events, spread of disease and intensification of agriculture.

One answer is for a genuine societal move to sustainable development.  This will require a contribution of technology, financial investment, education and cultural change to enable us to live in a rapidly changing world.