State of the Environment Reports

The second State of the Environment report for Wiltshire and Swindon was published in September 2013 – click here to see the press release. The report is published by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust on behalf of Link2Nature. It presents evidence and analysis on a range of issues:

  • Drivers of environmental change including population growth and consumption, planning and development, climate change and invasive species
  • Habitats and wildlife including main land uses and habitat types, wildlife species and sites, and Landscape Biodiversity Areas.
  • Nature’s services including: regulation of air, water, soils, climate and flood risk; provision of food, water, materials and other goods; and social and cultural benefits of green space, historic environment, military activity and landscapes.
  • Gaps in our knowledge which limit our understanding of our environment and the services that it provides.

It highlights key themes and trends for Wiltshire and Swindon over time and in relation to the South West and the UK as a whole.

For example, did you know that human population is forecast to grow by 40% in Swindon and 28% in Wiltshire in the 30 years from 1991? Or that we will need to start importing water into the county in future to meet demand and restore healthy water flows to our rivers?

The detailed data and analysis used to compile the report is available on the Wiltshire Intelligence Network. This website gives easy access to up-to-date environmental information and online links to a wide range of sources, alongside evidence of a broad range of social and economic issues. The first report, published in May 2012, is available to download below.

These reports and the website provide an environmental evidence base to inform policy and decision-making by local authorities and others, such as the Joint Strategic Assessments produced for Wiltshire and each of its Community Areas.

State of the Environment Report for Wiltshire & Swindon 2013

State of the Environment Report for Wiltshire & Swindon 2012

For further information and to contribute evidence, please contact Jenny Hawley, Environmental Intelligence Officer: