Map 5. Wichelstowe


Located to the north of the M4 between Junction 16 and Croft Road, Wichelstowe represents a key development area within the Borough. Wichelstowe development area incorporates extensive networks of green-space with a strong focus on biodiversity, centred on river and stream corridors, including a restored section of the Wilts and Berks canal which will form an important wildlife corridor. The River Ray passes through the GI network and forms an important wildlife corridor, connecting the development area with the River Ray Parkway to the northwest. To the south the area encompasses important areas of ancient mixed deciduous woodland at Clouts Wood and species rich calcareous grassland at the adjoining Markham Banks.

Projects and initiatives which contribute to the landscape-scale conservation of priority habitats and species within the Swindon urban area can be found on the Delivery Projects in the Swindon Urban Area page of this website.