Map 4. Coate Water and The Lawns

Coate Water and the Lawns

Coate Water has a diverse breeding bird population associated with the two lakes and adjacent semi-natural vegetation. It is also important for wintering waterfowl, bat species, a wide range of dragonflies and damselflies and otters which have been sighted near Coate Water. There are mature trees and hedgerows as well as neutral meadows supporting a suite of meadow flowering plants and grasses. North of this is The Lawns, a park in the Old Town area of Swindon which covers over 86 acres, making it one of the largest open spaces in the town. This park provides a useful stepping stone for wildlife within the urban centre and, with enhancement, could help provide a more coherent network of habitats between Coate Water and the River Ray Parkway to its northwest.

Projects and initiatives which contribute to the landscape-scale conservation of priority habitats and species within the Swindon urban area can be found on the Delivery Projects in the Swindon Urban Area page of this website.