Map 3. Stratton Woods and Stanton Park

Stratton Wood and Stanton ParkStratton Wood is a large woodland situated to the northeast of Swindon urban area, created as part of the Great Western Community Forest Project. It is managed by the Woodland Trust, to create an area of high forest with shrubby margins, old hedge-lines and two woodland fringed wildflower meadows, supporting ground nesting species such as skylarks and a range of moths and butterflies. Nearby Stanton Park comprises a mix of habitats including mixed broadleaved woodland, remnants of ancient woodland, hedgerows, wildflower meadows, wetlands and a lake, a stream and series of restored ponds. It is home to a variety of species including birds of prey, wildfowl, amphibians, invertebrates and mammals including roe-deer, badgers and several species of bats. Site management is aimed at maintaining its parkland habitat and enhancing the wildflower meadows via traditional management techniques. There is potential to enhance links between Stratton Wood and nearby Stanton Country Park through strategic habitat creation and enhancement.

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