Map 2. Sevenfields


Centred on the Seven Fields Local Nature Reserve at Haydon Wick in north Swindon, this is an area of valuable lowland meadow priority habitat within an otherwise highly developed area of Swindon. A rich variety of flowers and grasses have been recorded within the meadow, with iconic meadow plant species including orchids known to occur. Owing to the wide variety of plant species the meadow is an important breeding and feeding station for butterflies, moths, grasshoppers and a multitude of other insects, which in turn attracts small mammals and birds. The Sevenfields GI Network encompasses several other priority habitats, primarily associated with wetland conditions along the tributaries of the River Ray, as well as patches of lowland mixed deciduous woodland along the footpath and stream from Blunsdon Abbey down to the Penhill area.

Projects and initiatives which contribute to the landscape-scale conservation of priority habitats and species within the Swindon urban area can be found on the Delivery Projects in the Swindon Urban Area page of this website.