Projects Table

Click on the table below to view details of conservation initiatives currently active within the county along with a brief project description, the Landscape Biodiversity Areas within which they are active and a link to a project overview submitted by the relevant organisation. External links are available to organisations’ websites and further project details where available. These should be consulted for more information on individual projects, along with more detailed information on the areas and species which they cover.

Conservation Projects in Wiltshire and Swindon

The list of projects is not exhaustive but has been compiled from information supplied by wildlife organisations working throughout the county. The aim is to raise awareness of these projects to promote opportunities for partnership working, to give people information on projects which impact their local area, and for sharing knowledge and findings to avoid duplication of effort and to inform related activities.

The new version of BARS allows for spatially explicit projects to be uploaded onto a UK map and details of this project to be made freely available. It is hoped that in time details of the projects listed as active in Wiltshire and Swindon can be added to this system.