Developing a Landscape Framework for Swindon

Swindon Lagoons WWT ReserveWhilst the wider Swindon Borough was incorporated into the Landscape Conservation framework for Wiltshire, a more detailed approach was adopted for the Swindon urban area to address the very different issues relating to identification of landscape scale conservation working within a profoundly urban setting. Within the urban centre the aim is to focus conservation efforts in the areas which provide the best opportunities for creating coherent ecological networks which will benefit biodiversity and best adapt to the pressures on climate change. These have been identified for the Swindon urban area and focus on the Strategic Nature Areas, identified in the South West Nature Maps Rebuilding Biodiversity project, and the Swindon Green Infrastructure Networks identified via Swindon Borough Council’s Green Infrastructure Strategy.

Swindon Borough Council has undertaken an extensive audit of the green spaces within the Borough and from this has identified a GI Network of green spaces and regional and sub-regional links which connect them. Swindon Borough Council’s Green Infrastructure Strategy aims to identify the best opportunities for maintaining and enhancing the network of green spaces within the Borough.

Swindon Green Infrastructure StrategyThe SNAs identified in the South West Nature Map are the focus for Swindon’s strategic GI network. Green Infrastructure in an urban setting aims to create a more diffuse landscape for wildlife movement across town by:

  •      Enhancing strategically important green corridors running through town and proposed development areas.

  •      Enhancing and improving connectivity within existing wildlife ‘hotspots’ such as County Wildlife Site and SSSIs within the town and the urban fringe areas.

  •      Improving connectivity between identified corridors and hot spots through local connective corridors/ linking features

  •      Providing a greater patchwork of habitats across town, recognizing the importance of green space, green roofs and gardens

  •      Increasing tree cover.  

The Green Infrastructure Strategy identifies four existing and two planned GI Networks across Swindon urban area and these represent the focus for conservation efforts within landscape addition to the Swindon Biodiversity Action Plan.

For more information please refer to the Swindon Landscape-scale Conservation Framework via the link below

Swindon Urban Area Landscape Conservation Framework