Rushey Platt WWT ReserveIn line with the establishment of the Local Nature Partnerships and the Government’s ambitious goals to promote larger, better connected habitats, a new landscape framework for conservation has been developed for Wiltshire and Swindon. This framework will focus on identifying the best opportunities for establishing conservation initiatives at the level of landscapes and ecosystems, promote opportunities to reconnect fragmented habitats and strengthen our green infrastructure. The new Landscape conservation Framework supplements the existing Biodiversity Action Plans for Wiltshire and Swindon by identifying Landscape Biodiversity Areas. These Areas represent areas within which people can:

  • Identify the most important priorities for conservation based on our knowledge of what priority habitats and species are present and what work is being done to conserve and enhance them.
  • Highlight the best opportunities that exist for implementing landscape scale conservation actions which will provide the greatest biodiversity gains.
  • Gain an understanding of the work that is already being undertaken by groups and organisations within these Landscape Biodiversity Areas towards conserving and enhancing our priority habitats and species. This information can be used to guide the development of partnerships within the area to achieve the greatest benefits for biodiversity and prevent the duplication of effort.
  • They also provide a framework within which to monitor and report on conservation actions to determine the contribution these make towards halting further biodiversity loss.

Please go to the 'Tackling biodiversity loss at a landscape scale' page to learn more about the context within which this new framework for conservation sits.