How do we function?

Link 2 Nature has produced Terms of Reference that explain how the LNP will function in Wiltshire and Swindon.

Over the last year Link 2 Nature has adopted a new, inclusive and independent governance structure that clearly illustrates the three main components of this new partnership, please see below:

Governance Structure

Wider Partnership and Forum:

The wider partnership of Link 2 Nature includes many organisations and individuals that have an influence or impact on the environment.  The Forum brings together these organisations to help ensure positive impacts for the environment are successfully delivered. 

The Forum will meet annually and will be open to the public.  The benefits of Forum membership will include the opportunity to influence the programme of work, contribute to partnership project working groups and benefit from the communication and intelligence sharing networks that the Link 2 Nature will promote.  

Our Communications Strategy is currently being developed and will be uploaded to this website shortly. For more information regarding upcoming events please go to the News/Events page.

Working Groups:

These may be short lived task and finish groups, provide a technical input or have a long term advisory role to support the delivery of practical programmes and strategic initiatives supporting both the Forum and the Board.

Working Groups can either be commissioned directly by the Board or through proposals from the Forum (as approved by the board); their focus will be to deliver a specific task (Objective) that has been identified in the Strategic Plan.

Members of the wider partnership will have the opportunity to engage and influence the strategic direction of the WSLNP and pursue their particular interests through the Working Groups.

Executive Group:

This working group will support and advise the WSLNP Board on the delivery of the Strategic Plan and Work Programme. The Executive will comprise of a small group of partners that widely represent the cross sector interests of the Board and will usually meet in advance of the Board meetings or when the need arises.


The Board is represented by 12 senior, cross sector leaders and signals a new strategic mechanism to raise the profile of the environment at a local level.

The Board will provide strategic direction, influence and leadership for the local environment. They will define priorities and make decisions based on good quality data and evidence and recommendations from the Working Groups and the Forum.

Minutes of Board meetings are available here:

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 3 June 2014

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 27 February 2014

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 13 December 2013

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 01 October 2013

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 15 May 2013

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 17 January 2013

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 16 November 2012

Link2Nature Board meeting minutes 19 September 2012


Board membership:

The WSLNP Board aims to be representational of the sectors, activities and population of Wiltshire and Swindon.  Membership of the Board will consist of representatives from the following sectors as a minimum, but will not be limited to:

  • Two representatives from the nature conservation sector
  • Two representatives from local government; one each from Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council
  • One representative from the business sector drawn down from the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership / Chamber of Commerce
  • One representative from the health sector
  • One representative from the agricultural land management sector
  • One representative from the community sector
  • One representative from the energy sector
  • One representative from the military sector
  • One representative from the youth sector
  • One representative from a DEFRA agency; Natural England/Forestry Commission/Environment Agency